DFS designs and operates the most cost effective commercial F&I platforms in the world.

Our proven approach combines modern commercial financing with traditional F&I to increase market share, profits and customer satisfaction / retention. Since 1998 DFS has grown steadily with offices throughout Canada and the United States, and where our clients closed over $5 billion in equipment sales.

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Our company’s commitment to our dealer partners is to use commercial financing to drive their sales to new heights, building stronger customer relationships, and to optimize dealer profits. We do this by:

  • Tailoring sales finance solutions to meet the unique needs of commercial equipment dealers and their sales force. Empowering line management, salesmen, and finance people to use finance more effectively to close more sales, earn more profits, and satisfy more customers.
  • Providing our dealer partners with Certified Commercial Finance Managers to support their sales team.
  • Providing our dealer partners with the most rigorous and effective heavy equipment finance training courses. Providing our dealer partners with deep knowledge and experience in sales financing platform design and operation to ensure that every possible sales opportunity is seized and all operational risks are avoided.


“… DFS commercial finance concept is the new benchmark in customer service.?

  Don MacAdam, President, Diamond International

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